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Mortgage Calculator - Notion Template

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Managing a mortgage can be overwhelming and confusing. It can be difficult to understand how your payments are being applied and how much interest you’re paying. Now you can easily get a better understanding anytime in Notion. This template solves these problems by allowing you to enter your current mortgage details and see an amortization schedule for your mortgage with a high-level summary. You’ll have all the information you need to manage your mortgage in one convenient place.

With this template, you can easily track your mortgage payments and see how much of each payment is going towards interest and how much is going towards paying down the principal. You'll also be able to see how much interest you'll pay over the life of the loan and how long it will take to pay off your mortgage.

Your mortgage information, easily accessible in Notion

Instantly and automatically generated summary and amortization schedule

What's inside the template?

  • A custom page template that automatically generates an amortization schedule based on your mortgage details
  • High level summary of your mortgage to quickly understand key facts like monthly payment amount and total cost of interest
  • A complete amortization schedule that breaks down beginning balance, scheduled payment, principal paid, interest paid, and ending balance for each payment period over the entire course of your loan
  • Detailed onboarding guide and instructions

Who is this template for?

This template is perfect for homeowners who want to keep track of their mortgage payments and see how their payments are being applied to their loan.

How do I use the tracker?

  1. In the “Current Mortgage Details” table, update the “Variable Value” column for each of the rows with information about your mortgage. We’ve prefilled it with an example for you.
  2. After you update the “Current Mortgage Details” table, the “Summary” and “Amortization Schedule” tables get instantly and automatically updated to give you detailed insight on your mortgage.
  3. The “Summary” table gives you a high level look of your mortgage with information about the monthly payment, total interest, and total cost of your loan.
  4. The “Amortization Schedule” breaks down your payments over the course of the loan so that you can see exactly how much interest and principal make up each payment. There’s a lot of rows in this table so you’ll need to click on the “Load more” button at the bottom left of the table to see the full schedule.
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Mortgage Calculator - Notion Template

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